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Demo Reel

These are a few excerpts of work we've produced in service to the legal community over the past 20 years.



Summary Video

This video was key to  the settlement of a $6 million dollar case

The impact and immediacy of video wove together the many varied elements from interviews to TV news stories, creating  a strong and convincing case which lead to a speedy settlement. 


Day in

the life Video

Feliciano's Story

This up close and personal video clearly illustrates the incredible hardships this plaintiff suffers in a way a mere verbal presentation or list of the facts could never accomplish.




TV commercials and web ads

The promotional videos we've produced for this firm have been so effective that they've been working with us consistently for over 6 years during which time they have won millions in settlements.


2 year old

Dog bite victim

Summary Video

A fight for one's freedon, safety and justice.

This video lead to a successful upper

6 figure mediation settlement. 


Lawsuit Video

Byron's story

This production included a lot of dramatic

recreation footage as well as interviews,

animation and complex editing.


Mediation Summary


A successful case winning video.

Drone footage with custom animation and photos taken at the time of the accident portray the facts of the case in a way that only video can.

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