Our carefully crafted mediation videos portray the pain and suffering of your client in a way that connects with the viewer on a deep emotional level.  We focus on finding the middle ground that will serve both parties and settle the dispute. These dramatic depictions have a greater impact than a mere presentation of the facts.   Our cinematic story telling skills present your case in a manner that can only be achieved through the magic of media.

These are intimate portrayals of your client's daily struggle. A non-adversarial, heart- felt informal depiction that gets up close and personal to present the results of the event for which you're seeking a fair settlement.  By capturing the daily reality your client must now endure in contrast to their prior life the video provides a better understanding of the suffering your client endures on a daily basis. This in turn indicates the award amount needed for just compensation.

The members of our creative team have over 20 years of experience creating national ads and branding videos for top Fortune 500 companies.  We work closely with your firm to refine the core message that best represents your unique value and expertise.  We'll then determine the perfect mix of media and the ideal means of distribution to most effectively reach your target market for the best results.



Every day thousands of law firms, spend millions of dollars on marketing in hopes of bringing profitable cases through the door. With all those new cases piling up, how do you expedite the process of turning each case into cash for your firm?

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Legal Video Associates, are the acknowledged experts that winning attorneys rely on for the creation of hard hitting, high-quality, concise mediation summary videos.  Our videos have aided in the settlement of over 70% of our clients cases.

Our experienced team of cinematographers and skilled editors carefully craft a persuasive visual argument incorporating all of the facts of the case, documents, witnesses and  the entire story line into a powerful and compelling high definition video that presents the precise perspective you wish to convey.  Unlike a live presentation there is no chance for error.  Your video can be honed to perfection prior to mediation.  It creates the type of persuasive argument your opponent will never want to face in a court of law.

A powerful video of this type can influence the adjuster to make a substantial settlement offer.  Through the “magic of cinema” a brief mediation summary video empowers you to expose the facts of your case in a clear and compelling way that will lead all parties to the realization that it's in their best interest to settle this case right then and there.   


If the case does go to trial the  video can be used in court as an extremely effective way of presenting evidence to the judge and jury.  Whether mediation before a trial is court ordered or voluntary, video empowers Attorneys in fulfilling their fiduciary duty to maximize the settlement they obtain for their clients.

Remember this isn't just video production this is the skilled presentation of a winning legal argument.  Members of our team have decades of experience that have resulted in over $500 million of damages awarded in the cases we've worked on for over 150 law firms.  


If you want to put the power of the world's most influential medium to work, transforming your caseload into an income stream, put decades of legal presentation experience to work for your firm.  Call Legal Video Associates today and turn your caseload into cash.



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Our tight-knit team of pros, from artistic cinematographers to creative editors carefully craft a custom video of the highest standard for each client. Their technical and creative genius is matched only by the unrivaled enthusiasm they bring to the task of creating informative and thought provoking programming.


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